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CareMatch is a national care organisation with a vision to change the culture of care and we are committed to ensuring that Care Receivers receive high quality care and experience the best care journey possible.

Our aim is to ensure that Care Receivers feel empowered and have peace of mind in the care that they receive, enabling you to retain your independence for as long as possible.

At CareMatch we know that the care people wish to receive will differ greatly, which is why 
CareMatch Carer Members provide a number of services, including 

  • Home Visiting Care
  • Live-in Care
  • Home Help
  • Respite Care
  • Complex and Specialist Care
  • End of Life Care
  • Palliative Care
  • Overnight Care (Waking Nights/Sleeping Nights)


You will be able to access Carer Members with the relevant care experience directly through our CareMatch for Clients app and online platform, and you will be matched with your ideal Carer Members based on your location, care needs and preferences. 
All Care Receivers have freedom of choice and can tailor their care package to their individual needs and requirements. 

The CareMatch app will enable you to create your own Care Hub, providing continuity of care, ensuring Carer Members and Care Receivers develop a relationship that delivers the outcomes that you need. 

A Care Hub may consist of the Care Receiver, their family, neighbours. Advocates, the local authority, health and social care professionals, and others you choose to include. You will have the flexibility to decide who has agreed access to your care delivery.

Part of our CareMatch values include community engagement and creating Care Communities, to ensure all Care Receiver Members lead as full a life as they possibly can and continue to participate in activities they enjoy.

Carer Members promote independence and reablement where possible, supporting you to live your best day every day.


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