Respite Home Care

Why Choose Respite Care?
At CareMatch, we know that everyone needs a break. If you’re a regular care giver for a friend or loved one, it’s essential that you have time off to yourself to recharge your batteries. That’s why Respite Care may be perfect for you. Whether you require a break for a couple of hours, or you need a bit more time away and you’re looking for cover for a week or two, CareMatch can help. CareMatch offers Respite Home Care, emergency Respite Care and Respite Care for condition led requirements like Dementia, COPD MS or others. Our Carer Members can provide visiting Home Care, Live-in Care and Home Help care, so whatever you need, we can help match you with your ideal respite carer. Respite care may include:

  • Domiciliary/Personal care
  • Full time Live-in care
  • Support with medication
  • Companionship
  • Home Help
  • Help with meal preparation
  • Care for dementia patients
  • Emergency Respite Care
  • Overnight care (waking nights or sleeping nights)

Why Choose Respite Care with CareMatch?
With CareMatch, organising Respite Care from one of our Carer Members is simple - thanks to our easy-to-use app, you are in control of the care you receive, allowing you to have freedom and flexibility when it comes to your care journey. Every Care Receiver will have their own Care Hub, helping to bring together a team of Carer Members, family members and Advocates, Healthcare Professionals and local voluntary groups (if applicable), who will work together to ensure that you have the right care for your needs. This is all made easy through the CareMatch app. You and your regular care giver (who will be part of your Care Hub) will work with your care team through the CareMatch app to create a plan that is just right for your needs and will be continually monitored. Change in circumstance? Not a problem. We can just adapt your care plan accordingly, enabling you to live your best day every day and giving your regular care giver peace of mind and reassurance.

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