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Let us know if you are looking at care for yourself or someone else and if so, please provide a name and postcode as this helps make the search more personal and local.

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Live-in care provides around the clock care at home, enabling you or your loved ones to maintain independence and quality of life.

Visiting Care

Visiting care provides a regular schedule of carers to suit you, or your loved ones needs.

Home Help

When you or your loved ones need a bit of help with domestic tasks then Home Help is the right choice.


Sometimes care can be as simple as having someone to talk to, go out on walks with in which case Companionship is perfect.

I'm not sure

Don't worry if you aren't sure - our experienced carer members can work out what's right for you so get in touch today.

Carer Preference

If you would prefer your carer to not be a smoker then let us know. Carers won't smoke during a care call.

Would you prefer your carer not to smoke ?

If you would prefer your carer to be comfortable around pets, then let us know. Some carers are allergic to pets so this information is an important part of the matching process.

Do you need your carer to be pet friendly ?

If you need your carer to have a driving licence so they can use a vehicle provided by you or their own vehicle then let us know.

Do you need your carer to have driving license ?

Our carer members have a range of conditions that they are experienced in dealing with. Let us know if you need particular experience in your carer.

What medical condition experience should a carer have?

Learning Disability
Multiple Sclerosis

Selecting a particular gender for your carer might be important, so let us know if you have a preference.

Would you prefer your carer to be Male or Female?

Need help?

If you would like help finding a carer that meets your care requirements, please provide your details and the CareMatch team will be in touch.

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Listed below are the questions we often get asked about how the "Find your carer" part of the website works. Browse through the sections or type in a word or two and then click on the search icon to find answers to your questions. 

Searching for a carer

Filling in the form

Do I have to fill in the whole form?

The only part of the form you need to fill in is your name so we can make the experience more personal. Providing more information does make the match with carers more specific. 

What do you do with the information provided?

None of the information you provide on the search form is stored, or used by us apart from when you run the search. 

Why are there so many sections?

Matching your care needs with the perfect carer is easier if you can provide details, such as the location where care can be delivered so we can find the closest carers, or specifying preferences about carers so we can be sure to suggest those that match closest. 

Carer match results

Why am I seeing these particular carers?

The matches are based on the information provided, so you will see carers that are closest to the location where care is required, together with matches on preferences. We also display carers that are a close match as we've found quite often that once you start a conversation, the personality of the carer is the deciding factor

Can I change the search?

Yes, either within the search results or you can come back to this page at any time and update any part of the search form

What am I committing to?

Automatic enrolment or subscription

Am I automatically enrolled into CareMatch, or signing up to a subscription by using the website?

Absolutely not! If you want to get in touch with any of the carers who look like a perfect match, we will ask you to register but simply browsing and searching doesn't involve any subscription or enrolment behind the scenes. 

What information do you store when I am browsing the website?

Our use of cookies and privacy policy are clearly defined and we only use cookies to make your experience of using the website easier. We will never store any information about you without your explicit consent and with a clear explanation of why we need to hold this information