Night Care

We offer two types of night carers depending on your needs- waking night carers and sleeping carers. 

Through our app and online platform, CareMatch makes the process of finding a Carer Member simple. We want to make your care journey stress free, enabling you to be matched with your Carer Member as quickly as possible.

Sleeping Night Care

A carer will sleep in your home to ensure safety, security and reassurance. Ongoing support may not be required throughout the night, but your carer will be on hand to alleviate any anxieties you may have if you feel uncomfortable when left alone throughout the night.

Waking Night Care

If you wake several times in the night and need support then a waking night carer is the perfect carer for you. They will be on duty throughout the night to offer assistance and personal care.

Aspects of waking night care include:

  • Personal care
  • Support with medication
  • Pressure relief
  • Reassurance and peace of mind

Once you start your care journey with CareMatch a member of your CareMatch community will be in touch to introduce themselves - Your carer will always do a risk assessment at the point of delivery, to ensure the care you receive is adaptable to your change of needs or circumstances.

If your needs change that is not a problem at all. We provide flexibility throughout your care journey.

If you wish to contact the team to discuss your care options please fill out the form here: Register your interest or press Back to Services button to visit the services page

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