Local Authorities

CareMatch is transforming the care industry to ensure that Care Receivers experience the best care journey possible. Carer Members are put in charge of the care they deliver, working in a way that’s right for them. We are community-driven, bringing a wealth of experience to change the care industry. CareMatch successfully brings together technology and traditional care to create something transformational within the industry. Marrying the two together provides:

  • better transparency and effective communication
  • a more efficient way for care to be organised
  • additional support to build and maintain valuable relationships.

After running several successful pilot schemes, we are now working in partnership with a number of Local Authorities through direct payments, Independent Service Funds (ISFs) and Service Level Agreements. Local Authorities are keen to engage with us to build a care partnership and generate hyperlocal communities in the area to grow the service as an alternative to other social care delivery solutions. We operate Care Hubs to engage with the Care Receiver, their family, Advocates and the local authority, so all who have agreed access are able to monitor care provisions. Carer Members also have an app to schedule their own calls, electronically monitor delivery, track care planning for every Care Receiver and receive payment at the point of delivery through the app. A Local Authority recently declared they view CareMatch "as the future of care today” and we are proud to continue expanding our partnerships and engagement with Local Authorities.

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